Monday, March 4, 2019


Let’s have a glance in the list of car trends, which are very annoying to many car lovers.

Some cars are eerie silence isn’t that dangerous for people anyway? Of course, it is! Imagine we crossing the road and these super silent cars are right behind you with no sound or noise at all. This freaks many people out, as this could be dangerous for those walking on the streets and even for other cars as well.

Elite car brands who manufacture their product line slightly different from previous ones and usually they will look pretty similar. Can’t they come up with some unique design, not entirely unique but some creativity in every edition and up gradation? Mercedes C Class vs. Geely Merrie 300 looks almost the same. Likewise, there are many similar looking cars

Though these cars look fancy and stylish but coming to steering wheels it’s no saint, we need some space between the steering wheel and fingers & hands to adjust a little and move freely, it’s annoying to have flat – bottomed steering wheels.

Jewel shaped headlights might be appealing to our eyes, but what’s the use of this? Will these jewel shaped headlights would do anything to better the performance and speed of the car? Absolutely, no! So, what’s the point of adding this to the car. In short, it is simply adding to the price of the vehicle, which in any way is not good for the car buyers.

Many people notice these pleasing to the eyes. But when you realize that the rubber is so thin on the tire, it is quite difficult and uncomfortable to drive such cars. Yes, it's going to look extraordinarily superb to the eyes, but this trends in the car are something that’s not fancy me at all.

Cars business is always incredible, but there are certain annoying car trends that can irritate us some time and there are some trends that irritate us every time. So, let’s hope that the above trends come to an end in 2019 and give us better cars to drive

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Few cars are so special that they are sold in all the seasons and all the time, their demand remains constant for many years, these cars are so attractive that they always charm the market to rule the used vehicles business worldwide. Their demands come from every nook and corner of the world and these cars are hunted by the car lovers of all ages and group. The reason for these 7 cars so precious to car buyer varies from one car to another car and from one car manufacturer to another car manufacturer. Let us glimpse the list of cars here

Honda Accord came into the scene in 1976, and since then as many as 18 million Honda Accords has been sold to its customers and clients all over the world. Through car showrooms and used vehicles exporter, there is something in the car that attracts people and still is. Isn’t that an incredible fuel efficiency and performance of the car?  Or the fact that new 2.0 Liter turbo engine with the 10 speed automatic can get from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 5.5 seconds.

honda cars
Honda Accord

Curious what is the next bestselling car of all time? Honda Civic was the first big break of Honda market. It increases the rate of its sales and took the sales graph uphill, and the company sold nearly 18 million Honda Civic since then. Its sale accelerated like anything and made it one of the best selling cars across the globe in no time. During 1973 when its first model came It was equipped with a 1,169 cc four-cylinder water-cooled engine and featured front power disc brakes, and with other option like air condition and FM.
Honda Civic

This car has been the dearest of almost everyone since ages. Beetle has been ruling hearts for years and is still alive in their lives. This vehicle was quite affordable, reliable, and suited almost every family at that time, when it was launched in market. Volkswagen even sold more than 21.5 million units during its six-decade long reign. Volkswagen Beetle is surely one of the best selling cars of all time and envy by the used cars exporters in Japan.
Volkswagen Beetle vehicles
Volkswagen Beetle

Since 1968 as many as 20 million and more cars have been sold in the market. Meaning that people loved this Ford Escort and that’s the reason they are ready to invest their saving into this car model. Even the car reviews online are always positive about this car unlike any other car.
Ford Escort vehicles, automobiles
Ford Escort

This is one of the best model of all time manufactured by Volkswagen. More than 30 million cars have been sold worldwide so far and that too at an affordable price. Golf is quick and fun to drive, allowing you an extremely amazing experience on the roads with its features upgraded every year.
Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Golf

Toyota Corolla made its debut in 1966 since then there is no turning back for this model.  The selling ratio was so fast that nobody believed it was happening. It was in 1974 that people announced it the biggest selling car of all time in the whole world. The unit sold was 43 million across the globe. This car is therefore an outstanding piece of Toyota that still manages to win our hearts even today.
toyota vehicles
Toyota Corolla

They begin the journey in 1948 and still winning the capital of the people around the globe. If Ford counts how many have been sold since the start of Ford F - Series, it would be somewhere around 35 million cars. With extraordinary horsepower and torque strengthening it, this car became everyone favourite in no time. Volkswagen Ford F- Series proved to be a great deal and managed to keep alive its name on the top of the list of the most popular car of all time. Kudos to Ford F – Series
ford vehicles
Ford F Series

These cars are one of the fastest moving cars from Japan to other parts of the country across the globe. The demand of these cars never drained in house of Autoworld International Ltd, since its debut in the 1990’s 

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